Revision Control System for Zaurus

This is a complete binary distribution of RCS, the "Revision Control System", plus 'man' documentation for most of the components in html format. RCS is what you need if you have at least twice made coding changes to a programming project which broke it, and then could not remember all the changes you made. It is also a useful organizational tool when many programmers work on the same project, but that is unlikely to happen in the Zaurus development environment. The alternative CVS system is the present open source standard for revision control, but RCS is, IMHO, a much better fit for onboard development projects, being simpler and an order of magnitude smaller.

To port it to the Zaurus Linux PDAs, I compiled the source (rcs_5.7.orig.tar.gz from using the ZGCC onboard Zaurus compiler (itself a port of gcc 2.95.1). The only changes made to the 'configure' generated scripts was a hack to prevent RCS from looking for subprograms in /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin, using the PATH instead.

RCS needs elements of the diffutils package to operate, and I was required to compile this package from source (diff_2.8.4.orig.tar.gz, also from, again hacked to use PATH, instead of fixed locations, to find subprograms. Therefore, in order to use this package, you must also install the diffutils package, which should be found where you found this.

The installation is fairly simple -- put the binary programs (from the ./bin directory) into a directory in your $PATH or extend you PATH to include the ./bin directory. Do the same with 'diff' and 'diff3' from the diffutils package. Put the documentation where convenient to read with your browser. Test by running rcstest -- it says nothing on success. If you are short of space, you can delete everything except ci, co, rcs, and diff. If short of time, read only rcsintro.html.

Enjoy. Send comments, corrections, and contract programming job offers to Dr. Jeffrey R. Fox (