Release Name: Rel 2

Notes: Repackaged Jikes java compiler for the Zaurus. Compiler now stripped to ~3MB, with license and installation + usage docs. Added Note: Amend the usage docs to reflect my new email address:


Changes: Rel 2 has all the functionality of Rel 1 at 1/4 the footprint. New docs make the process of installation clearer and gives usage notes on jikes and other onboard java compiler solutions for the Zaurus.

Description: Jikes is a java compiler in a single program file. It has been donated to the Open Source Communitee, and here compiled for the ARM/Linux architecture. Its advantage verses other compiler options for the Zaurus -- namely the Kopi and Sun's Javac java based compilers is speed of compilation, and lower memory required while compiling.. The resulting class files produced by all of these compilers are nearly identical.

Caveats: Sometimes there are differences between the output of the defferent compilers and it does count.