Release Name: Swing for Zaurus/Jeode

Notes: Running Swing applications on the Zaurus (i.e., with Insignia's Jeode vm): This is a packaged version of swing.jar version 1.1.1 with the bug that prevents it from running on Jeode fixed. The bug situation is explained in the included SwingBug4309057.htm file; there find also a URL for downloading Sun's Swing 1.1.1 distro and example apps. (You should also read the license.) The and SimpleExample.jar files can be used to demonstrate that a Swing application will run on Jeode. The syntax for running this demo would be:

bash-2.05# evm -cp {path}swingZ.jar:{path}SimpleExample.jar SimpleExample

or, more specifically for my directory structure, with swingZ.jar in /mnt/cf/java/ and SimpleExample.jar in the default directory:

bash-2.05# evm -cp /mnt/cf/java/swingZ.jar:SimpleExample.jar SimpleExample

Enjoy, though do not hope for too much; Swing is a memory hog and that is no lie. (I used to run Windows 3.0 in standard mode on a 286 with 1 meg of RAM, and I had no real complaints.)

Jeffrey Fox

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Thanks to Ming Fang and many others who have pointed out the path to this solution.