Fox's Chemistry Interest Page

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Molecule Viewer

The molecule viewer is installed with the major vitamins and a few other interesting molecules.

Ideal Gas Simulator

This is a link to a simple gas simulator. It has some problems, due to the fact that it is only a two dimensional simulation, but it is interesting.

Student Presentations

2002 Palmer IB student presentations on environmental chemistry (you'll need Power Point or viewer).

IB level 2 Chemistry Test Analysis

Well I have started putting my analysis of a few problems up on this page. If you are in one of the Level 2 Chemistry classes at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs, send me your email address and you may get announcements about the examination and new analysis postings.  But otherwise just come and see if there have been additions. Most importantly, email me about problems or areas you want to see discussed.


Last Updated: August 11, 2004